along the hudson river we will go…

Hi! Today I ventured up to the Upper West Side of Manhattan to the beautiful Riverside Park to volunteer with New York Cares for their first NYC park project of the 2013 year.

I love Riverside Park! It is a really beautiful city park  along the Hudson River on the Upper West Side with a spectacular view. This park is only 4 miles, 330 acres and stretches from 72nd to 158th streets and considered a scenic landmark. The park has several soccer and baseball fields, a dog park, tennis courts, and a skate park, boat launch, and gardens. This park even has a thick forest near 124th Street that is a bird sanctuary that is popular for local bird watchers.

There is also a Hudson Beach Café on the promenade that is open in the summer, serving burgers and drinks. They set up umbrella topped tables in the summer by the sand and swings giving city dwellers a local beach-like oasis.

The 79th Street Marina is the only such public access facility in Manhattan. In addition to 105 slips for boats, it offers launch sites for kayaks, canoes and sailboats.

Since it was the first project of the season we spent time weeding the vine beds by the soccer fields and picking trash. I’ve volunteered at this park last summer and hiked through the park and noticed it is very well maintained and clean.


girlvolunteerIf you haven’t been to this city park I suggest going soon! sign up and volunteer today also! It is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy your local park, meet new people, enjoy the warm weather, and give back to your community!

If you would like to read more about the Riverside Park please click here:



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