buying books for a cause

This afternoon I ventured down to the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe on Crosby Street in SoHo to check out the Open Air Street Fair.  There were boxes of donated books, albums, and clothing all on sale starting for $1! I couldn’t miss this street fair because I love to buy books at a bargain and it’s for a good cause.


There are a lot of bookstores in the New York City area to buy your favorite book but if you like a bookstore with thrift store prices, a great selection, and most importantly helps others you will LOVE the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe! It is located at 126 Crosby Street. All the books in this store are donated, most of the staff is a volunteer and 100% of the profits go to Housing Works, which provides housing and related supportive services to low-income and homeless New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS.


The Open Air Street Fair had the street closed off in front of Housing Works with tents full of books, dvd’s and clothing such as summer hats and flip flops. There was several food trucks such as Luke’s Lobster, and homemade cupcakes and cookies from the cafe. I got a BBQ chicken slider from Mexicue and loved it!


I have attended the free writing classes on Sunday morning several times in the last year. I always go in early to browse the shelves of books and order a hot coffee and cinnamon scone or banana bread. I really enjoy the class and learn a lot from published authors and I meet new inspiring writers and artists. I never leave the bookstore without buying a bag full of books no matter how much I try to convince myself that I don’t need them.


There are many ways to volunteer for Housing Works at their several locations and events but if you don’t have a lot of time just remember to stop by one day and order a cup of coffee and buy a book. I bought a few today and that made me HAPPY! :)


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