volunteering with city harvest

On Saturday morning I took the train to Brooklyn to volunteer with City Harvest at their mobile market. City Harvest is an organization that collects food from restaurants, grocery stores, markets, farms, and manufacturers and distributes it through out the New York City area in several different ways to those in need at shelters, soup kitchens, poverty stricken neighborhoods, and other agencies.


The mobile market distributes free fruit and vegetables through a program called “Healthy Neighborhoods” for residents in low-income communities and provides nutrition education with cooking demonstrations and recipe cards that will hopefully inspire affordable, healthy meal choices. The mobile markets are quite organized. I found out that each resident has to register in advance  and is given an amount of food depending on the size of their family and their nutritional needs.



When we got to the location we were given a brief explanation on how to distribute the vegetables and fruit to each group or individual. I spent a few hours that day weighing, bagging, and distributing onions.


It was cold outside but it was rewarding to be there and assisting a great organization such as City Harvest in all the good that they do. AND they had coffee!!!! :)


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